Runner-up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong and the ambition of "Bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam"

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On January 25th, The honor ceremony of Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018 was held successfully to mark 10th anniversary of establishment. With the target to expand the relationship with many other countries in the world, and promote cooperation between entrepreneurs belonging to Top 100, this event officially launched Business Style International Networking (BSIN).

Written by Nam Huong Corp



Business Style International Networking (BSIN) was established by Nguyen Thu Huong, runner-up Mrs. World, strategy consultant, branding & personal image and head of the organizing committee, entrepreneur. Nguyen Thu Huong has shared the meaning of BSIN at its introducing ceremony: " In the recent years, the development technology has been growing incredibly to full fill the need for connecting and sharing information- resources. Countries are in need of connection to cooperate and join in the culture and economic allies. Therefore, the requirement for a network between countries is an indispensable trend in the modern economy. All members of the network are not only business partners from many countries but also are members of a shame community which has a name "International Business Style". With that point, we are all friends that make business cooperating, economy exchanging is easier and faster.


Previously, at Business Matching – the event belonging to the framework of Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018 was held with BSIN cooperation signing ceremony between Vietnam and representatives from 10 different countries including Vietnam (Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong - General Director of Nam Huong Corp - Founder of BSIN), Singapore (Professor Ferderick – President of CCI Rewards). India (Mr. Arup Bansal – Managing Director of Wavemaker), Thailand (Dr. Pauline Posh – Founder of Self Image International - Image Designer & President Paul & Paulina Brand), Malaysia (Ms. Stella Lim – President of Women Leaders International Network in Malaysia), Sweden (Mr. Imad Agi – Chairman and CEO of ECOLOO), Indonesia (Ms. Ayla Dewi A. Aldjufrie – Founder of Ayla and Associate), Korea (Mr. Richard JH Park – Vice Chairman of NEO Creative), Philippines (Mr. Mike Lalwani – Managing Director of Khriz Pharma Trading Inc.) and France (Mr. Paul Le – Vice Chairman of Central Group Vietnam).


BSIN decided to choose Mrs Asia – Isabelle Liow to be an ambassador of Business Style International Network in Asia and International Painter – Van Duong Thanh was selected to be an ambassador of Business Style International Network in the world.


With the targets, meanings and big benefits that BSIN bring multinational cooperation relationship to different countries in the world, Business Style International Networking hope to be maintained and developed in the future. Wish BSIN will be a bridge to promote trade and cooperation about economy between countries in the successful way.

According to Business Style Magazine

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