(Bstyle)-Mayweather did not bother to Gennady Golovkin provocative words, who was dubbed the "golden boy" village boxing. Instead, the world's richest boxer continued to roam, continues to splash out for shopping.

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After the "golden boy" Gennady Golovkin won 35th match in his career, Kazakhstan boxer who had said confidently that he can defeat anyone ..., implied allusion to Foyd Mayweather retiring with 49 wins.

Phớt lờ khiêu khích, Mayweather sắm xe 130 tỷ VNĐ - 1

Mayweather purchased two super cars worth 5.8 million dollars

Of course, a wise man as Mayweather knows what to do. After returning from the trip with a $ 300,000 20 relatives and friends traveling to Europe and Asia. The world's richest boxer - Floyd Mayweather continued to buy a luxury car to add to his car collection.

We can say it's a wise move of "poison she failed bridge", it shows that at the present time former American boxer was not enthusiastic about fighting and what he likes is to enjoy life.

Mayweather recently added to the collection a supercar Bugatti Veyron 2 worth $ 5.8 million (equivalent to about 130 billion VND). These are the two supercars having a maximum speed of nearly 430 km / h, 2 car are also "King of Speed ​​in super luxury garage”.

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