In April 2nd night, at the Hotel Pullman Saigon Centre, D.S BLOCK and Nam Huong Media & Event Company, in collaboration with Business Style club and WLIN network, hold the seminar Live young - Live Well with topic "Health and success". This talkshow had the participation of many experts and entrepreneurs.

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Nowadays, health is a precious asset of human, especially for entrepreneurs who hold important positions in the soure of jobs and wealth for society.The healithier the entrepreneurs are, the more sucessful the business become. That is also why D.S BLOCK and Nam Huong, together with Business Style and WILIN network held seminar Live Young - Live Well: "Health and Success."


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Associate Professor, PhD, Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong - Deputy Director of the Government Office was speaking at the program

With an important subject as health, many experts and entrepreneurs are very busy though, but still take the time to attend. Especially with the participation of: Associate Professor, PhD, Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong - Deputy Director of the Government Office; Ms. Le Thi Thuy Nga - Asia Regional Director DS BLOCK company; Associate Professor, Dr. Dung Nguyen - Director of Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Former Director of HCMC ENT Hospital; Mr. said Duong Quoc Nam - Pho Xinh Furniture’s CEO, "Male entrepreneur of the year" in Top 100 Business Style 2012, the artist Le Hang - President of WLIN Vision Club, Runner-up Mrs World Thu Huong - CEO of Nam Huong Media & Events,....


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Ms. Le Thi Thuy Nga - Regional Director of Asia - DS BLOCK company

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Nga - Regional Director of Asia - DS BLOCK company shared: "Fresh cell therapy was launched in 1931 in Europe, has been widely used in Europe for more than 80 years. But fresh cell therapy has just arrived in Asia for just over 10 years and was officially launched in Vietnam for 4 years. Currently, there are a lot of businessmen, famous politicians use this. And I was fortunate enough to know this therapy and also brought my family to Germany to use this therapy. With the wish that VIetnamese also have equal rights as compared to the world in the selection of health measures by the world's most advanced, I hope that the fresh cell therapy will be widely introduced to not only the businessmen community but also people in all parts of the country.”


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Mr Daniel Block - Health expert from D.S BLOCK

Also at the workshop Live Young - Live Well: "Health and Success", the guests were advised how to use fresh cell therapy, by Mr. Daniel Block - Specialist health care from the company DS BLOCK, Federal Republic of Germany: "Accordingly, it is the cell therapy and cell aggregation extracted from sheep embryos and put immediately into the clients’ body. We can extract up to 85 organs or components of this organ. These cells after being put into the patient's body to stimulate, revitalize and restore the organ's cells weakened and damaged by the body. We use fresh cell therapy when: burnout / Burnout Syndrome, attention deficit, memory loss and sleep disorders, circulatory disorders, low libido, low fertility, disorder hormones, menstrual disorders, stroke, signs of aging, arteriosclerosis, developmental disorders (autism, down), cerebral palsy, sequelae of poliomyelitis, cardiovascular disease, ....With 6 days of treatment in Germany, we will have a great health when reproduced by fresh cell therapy of the Block.”

At the show, many guests who have used and experienced fresh cell therapy has shared their feeling about this therapy.



Artist Le Hang - President of WLIN VISION CLUB: "I feel a lot healthier, younger and enjoy life more."


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Businessman Le Duc Nghia - General Director of An Cuong Company

Businessman Le Duc Nghia - General Director of An Cuong Company: "I know fresh cell therapy 2 years ago. I live in Phu My Hung and know a lot of people here also use this therapy. So after I inquired brothers and friends in the area and my wife and I decided to go to Germany to use and feel very good, much healthy. Then my parents used and felt great. And my whole family have used this therapy. This year I decided to use the next time and this will be the 3rd time my wife and I use this therapy."


thuhuong duongquocnam

Entrepreneur Duong Quoc Nam - CEO of Pho Xinh furniture

Entrepreneur Duong Quoc Nam - CEO of Pho Xinh furniture: "Due to my hard work so my health is not good. Therefore I lost sleep and always felt very tired. When I use fresh cell therapy, I see very good performance. I slept well, better health. I think this is an extremely great therapy "


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Entrepreneur Lam An Dau - General Director of Vinh Tien Joint Stock Company

Entrepreneur Lam An Dau - General Director of Vinh Tien Joint Stock Company: "After using fresh cell therapy I see my health was much better. This is a very good therapy and I think people should use if possible, because health is a very important thing for everyone."

Thus, we see that health treatment from fresh cells is a meaningful gift to give your loved ones in your families, to wish them well for a success life. Also during the event, there has been 10 customers signing up to use this therapy and the company D.S BLOCK will donate 10 class C airfare for these customers to Germany.

A few photos of the event:


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NGUYÊN TUẤN - PHOTO: TUẤN ĐOÀN According to Tạp chí Cẩm Nang Mua Sắm

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