(Bstyle)-Barca won 2-0 gently to maintain the top position on Betis football court, after the game, coach Enrique was angry with the media when they did not think his team played well.

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Trip to Betis on Saturday night was much more difficult than expected. Barca still dominated but was often stopped by crowded defense of the home team . However, the turning point appeared after 35 minutes when central defender Westermann got 2nd yellow card to leave the field.

Bị chê thắng "xấu xí", Enrique nổi giận với báo giới - 1
Enrique got angry with the media

However, It is not until the 2nd match that Suarez scored the winner 81 minutes With this result, Enriquetiep’s team continued to be on top in the league.

In the press conference after the match, Enrique expressed astonishment upon receiving a lot of questions from reporters. They said that the Barcelona didn’t play beautifully. This is easy to understand the reaction of the media becuase 2 overrides previous rounds, Blaugrana beats Deportivo (8-0) and Gijon with an unexpected result.

"What the hell is going on here, if you do not win the match 8-0, that means that you should leave? This is the top league in Spain and the championship race is taking place with the three best teams. I do not think you have a good question, Barca played very well and deserved to win"- Enrique said.

"I think people got used to Barca's victory. However Betis played well in the first half and we only really controlled the situation after the break. Atletico and Real and the race and remained in front, but Barca still controls things, "the Spanish coach concluded.

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