The article quoted from the experience of "boss" Startup - Justin Kan. If you do not know him, the one who has established a lot of startups - among them, which Amazon bought for nearly $ 1 billion. He is also a partner of many investment funds or "angels" investors.

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Làm việc ở công ty lớn vs. Startup: Bạn chọn "răm rắp" vâng dạ theo sếp hay tự làm tự chịu bất chấp tất cả?
As a founder myself, that has exited and experienced the contrast between Big Company vs Startups, I can confidently say this is GOLD. Let's watch!

1) "People grow up expecting others to tell them what to do"

Think about it. When we're born, we're told not to write on walls, to eat with utensils, and to pee in the toilet. Then, we get to school and they tell us to stop talking in class and to study. They tell us how we can be "successful" - by getting good grades. We are told that we need to go to university, get good grades, then get a job. Then, in the job, we're told we need to come in the office at 8:30am and do our daily tasks (whatever they are). The startup world is the exact opposite.Nobody tells you what to do, you just gotta figure it out. 

2) "Big company mindset = ask permission for everything"

Big company mindset = ask permission for everything

Entrepreneurial mindset = do it and ask for forgiveness later

3) "Big company mindset = being in love with process not results"

As companies grow, processes are inevitable. These processes are actually a good thing. The bad part is when people start to prioritize the process, rather than the result. The process becomes more important, and people lose sight of why that process is in place.

   "Entrepreneurial mindset = not give two shits about process if no results"

As a startup, if you don't get results, you fail. I like how Justin worded this, "...if no results". As founders, we don't not care about process (if that makes sense). We just care more about the result, and if that process is the best way to get the result we want.

4) "Big company mindset = worry about covering your ass"

People are scared to try new things and fail. This is because if people fail, they are scared they might get fired, or not get that bonus they wanted. This culture ends up inhibiting innovation and growth in big companies. So instead, people fail at trying in the first place (shout out to Vinod Khosla: "“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try”).

  "Entrepreneurial mindset = no results means you don't have a job anyways"

Job security is not typically a reason why people join or start companies. Since people aren't scared of getting fired, they are able to try things and take risks. In many cases they are forced to take risks in order to keep their jobs.

In this snap, Justin is referring to a story about a worker from a big company who had no idea what her boss wanted her to do for a specific project she was on. She was stressing out and asking other people what she should do. Then, someone said, "why don't you just ask your boss?" This story sounds funny, but I also see this often with people who work at big companies. They are scared to look weak in front of their boss, or take up "unnecessary" time. Here's another great example of where the result is not prioritized. Instead, there is a fear of looking weak in front of her boss, or not wanting to waste her boss's time.

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