The price war has always been a fierce battle between these two companies.

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Grab ngay lập tức giảm giá cước GrabBike, tuyên chiến với uberMoto
So after India and Thailand, Uber started launching new product in Vietnam uberMOTO this morning, allowing you to call “xe ôm” from applications with affordable prices just 3,700 VND / km.

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In response, immediately Grab also lowers freight rates GrabBike - products direct confrontation with uberMOTO.

Let's do a comparison of the current price war between the two companies:.

How to calculate freight rates uberMOTO: Km x number of minutes x 200VND (Minimum 10,000 / trip) x 3.700d

How to calculate freight rates GrabBike:

  • Hanoi: 9,000 VND (first 2km) + the number of the next kilometers x 3,500VND
  • HCM City: 12,000 (first 2km) + the number of the next kilometersx 3.800VND

It's hard to tell cheaper products but currently both are contributing innovative face with the taxi service industry with equipments such as a helmet or mask for guests. In particular, on the occasion of the launch of new products, Uber is also free for all 5 flights uberMOTO users in 3 days 21-23 April for each trip worth up to 88.000d.

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