The 5th International Women Leader Forum has closed with great success and unforgettable resonates when receiving support from the business community in the world. The event also marks a milestone for the Women Leader Internal Network (WLIN) when it is franchised by states such as the United States, Singapore and Indonesia for opeartion model and developing methods. As the Founding Chairman of the network and the Head of the Organizing Committee of the International Women Leader Forum, Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong, the Runner-up of Mrs. World, is so proud and happy because of the love and trust that international friends giving to a network and a brand from Vietnam.

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While working on the connection and creativity of the business community, domestic and foreign businesses and WLIN franchise activities in countries around the world, entrepreneur Nguyen Thu Huong had given a short time to share with Business Style Magazine about WLIN's future direction as well as her next activities in connecting global entrepreneurs.


 Franchising is an indispensable trend


Hello! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on successfully organizing International Women Leaders Forum 2018. Looking at the success of the forum, the WLIN which is founded and run by you has also received positive feedback from international friends. Could you share more about this good news?

As head of the organizing committee of the 2018 International Women Leader Forum, I am delighted that the program has received international acclaim. The event this year is attended by a number of female leaders from around the world, including representatives from global WLIN members and ambassadors from the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia, etc. They are great people who contribute to spread the spirit of WLIN to the world.

The other good news is that we received after the event, WLIN was franchised for the methodology and development model by other countries, making WLIN the first Vietnamese brand in in community activity bought for franchising to the world.

In the context of deep integration as today, franchising in the world is indispensable. There are a number of foreign franchises in Vietnam. In the opposite direction, very shortage of Vietnamese brands can come to the world. Why has WLIN taken the lead and picked up the trend like that?


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Franchising is seen as a common and growing trend in the world. While we are witnessing so many foreign companies thrive in the Vietnamese market, Vietnam is only taking the first steps in franchising. Being a highly responsible person in the community, I am always active in bringing a stronger international brand originated from Vietnam. To me, a brand built from Vietnam becoming an international brand is a national pride.

With 20 years of experience in communications, branding, training and networking, I am confident in helping WLIN franchisees develop a successful network, through which it will create more bridges to connect other business activities.


Apparently, WLIN is not the only brand that you join in franchising across the country?


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In line with the development of WLIN, it is the step of Nam Huong Corporation to set up its offices in the country to realize the ambition of becoming an investment consulting, strategic consulting and brand consulting firm, executing PR and event management.

Not only the Women's International Leader Network - WLIN acquired the franchise of which BSIN - Business Style International Network for the business community of men and women in general with a vision of deep cooperation in business issues. It is also popular with many countries and offers franchise to their countries.

In addition, Pro Image Global Academy - specializing in building and perfecting personal style with the Prince and Princess Academy - training the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, is also included in our franchise development strategy.



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Putting a Vietnamese media company abroad is not easy because the media market is being taken over by "big guys" from developed countries. Why do you choose this risky move?

In fact, bringing Nam Huong Corporation based in the country, first Indonesia is a very true development with the vision that we have outlined for the company. Development goals of Nam Huong Corp. To become a global corporation, in the strategy "Bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam", Nam Huong Corp will have a head office in Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, and Southeast Asia. As I have shared, Nam Huong Corp is not only a media corporation but also a strategic consultant for companies and corporations that want to expand into the ASEAN market which is considered dynamic and promising.


There are many ways to grow your business. Why do Nam Huong choose franchise as its main strategy?

For a brand strategy consultant, I realize that my task is to help many Vietnamese brands become stronger, take a firm footing in the country and at the same time enter the nternational market, through which we promote the production and business activities. I have seen many countries in the world, and I see that if we can better promote for Vietnam, we will have more connections, more investors will come to Vietnam. This also creates more jobs. Through this, Huong also has many opportunities to create more positive communication strategies for the community.


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Nam Huong also recognized that Vietnam is a very potential country but really lack of international marketing strategy. Vietnam has no leading media companies in actively taking the Vietnamese brands to the world. Most international media corporations only introduce foreign brands into Vietnam. Nam Huong wishes through the activities of WLIN and BSIN will bring the message, the good value of Vietnam abroad. Besides, it will be a bridge connecting investors, reputable brands to the Vietnamese market.


It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to prepare the next generation


Global WLIN seems to be very active with many franchise activities. What about domestic activities, does WLIN Vietnam hold some activities to develop as well as ensure benefits for all members?

This year, WLIN will develop two products that apply the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0. The first is W.Service - an application that helps global members purchase, discount and connect business to each other. Second is the WL membership application that helps members around the globe connect together. W.Service is in operating process and WLIN membership is underway and will be launched this year.


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A new point in WLIN's activities this year is the "Women Leader's Start-up" project, which helps women to start their businesses with high capital investmen in high efficiency and sustainability. The model used to start a business is the media startup based on the franchising of Pro Image and WLIN. This model both helps the community, and entrepreneur himsefl develop sustainably.


Aside from WLIN, BSIN is also a network in your "reach to the world" strategy. Can you share more about the operation of this network?


BSIN is also the product that Nam Huong is developing and franchising to the countries and countries that first bought BSIN franchise Malaysia. BSIN is the same as WLIN but different in one place is for both male and female business. The principles and objectives of the BSIN are based on trade promotion, investment promotion and business linkage. WLIN is based on the belief that women are more confident to be able to express themselves and help women become healthier, happier and happier. Women are more concerned about WLIN serving more problems for women.


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This year's BSIN activities will certainly be exciting both in domestic and international level. Recently, I had a business trip to Malaysia to attend the event introducing BSIN activities to the business community in this country. Then, on May 11, I introduced BSIN to Indonesia. Especially, the program "Bookcases of the leaders" on May 19th.

This is the first event launched for the series of activities from here to night of honoring the Top 100 International Business Style 2018-2019 with the theme "Strategies for Next Generation" - an annual activity organized by BSIN.


Why did this year BSIN choose "Strategies for Next Generation" as the theme throughout the Top 100 International Business Style, especially the program "Bookcase of leaders"?

In the past years, in parallel with honoring individuals with outstanding business achievements, we have made many contributions to the community and created a connection space for the domestic business community as well as foreign investors. With its mission and vision to bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam, the Top 100 International Business Styles always hold and co-ordinate community activities, especially program for the future of the country. One of the primary responsibilities of entrepreneurs is to create a succession generations, not just their own children, but to create a succession of generations for the enterprise, for the community and society, for what is good. Not lost but will survive and grow better.


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With the "Bookcase of Leaders" program, I think that for business leaders perhaps the books will be their mentors, helping them make the right strategies and even change their life. I also want to know how the business leaders' bedside books helping them succeed. And if the students, young people have access to the books that help business leaders change their lives, that would be a great thing.

Thank you Mrs. Thu Hương!

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